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Hi all, we're a small disability and aged care day program provider coming up to NDIS transition. We currently use Reckon Accounts Pro, and Payroll Premier, along with a specialised Client Management System, none of which talk to eachother directly. There's a LOT of manual reconciling and double handling, especially in invoicing and payroll.

We're going to change CMS to one that has the ability to talk to our invoicing (some of which is going to have to go through the NDIA portal to be able to claim any govt funding) and through rostering to the payroll system. I've been advised previously that Payroll Premier doesn't accept imports.
Does anyone have any experience with linking the three systems - payroll, accounts and CMS with success?  


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    hi Nicloa, Seriously , i would not use Reckon Accounts Pro or Payroll Premier, they are very lower end systems, integration can be difficult using sdk. i would go to Premier with payroll.
    Recently i have been using Insightly a great Innovative cloud CRM app. have been thinking of integrating to RA
    i would also wait for Gary Popes comment here on this or any others.

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    Hi Nicole,
    Great that you are already looking at how you can automate to find inefficiencies, as there is definitely the potential for loads of double handing and cross checking with the required processes to produce the reporting for the NDIA.

    We are experienced working with a lot of organisations involved with NDIS and having to report via the portal. I sat with a client last year and watched as she keyed in the claims on the Portal manually - urgh! 

    Happy to chat about my experiences and also discuss what you currently have and what works well.

    I can be contacted on 02 6215 9710 and whilst am based in ACT we work nationally with clients or can put you in touch with others we are working with around Australia, who are also specialising in integrating solutions for those involved with NDIA .

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