Is it possible to print an itemised group on sales order but grouped entry on invoice?

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I use Reckon Accounts Premier 2015. I would like to print off an itemised group on sales order/pick list to give to our service technicians but then only show the grouped item on the invoice. Is there a way to do this please? If I click on the "Print items in group" on the Edit item screen, this applies the change through all the forms. I could change the sales order before converting to an invoice but am hoping for an easier option. I have even thought of setting up inventory assemblies and printing off a build assembly list but there does not seem to be a way to do this either. This also does not give me the flexibility to add on extra parts and services like I can on a sales order. Any suggestions please? Thanks


  • John G
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    Hi Woody1999,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    Unfortunately, the option to either print or not print group items is per itemnot per transaction type. Hence, you can't specify where you would want it to show and where not to.

    This feature has been entered into the wishlist for consideration in future updates.