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Maria Evison
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Hi  I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 2015 (Desktop)  and I am successfully sending selected customers invoices.  As we have many customers we are gradually moving to email all invoices to customers I a lacking some confidence in the send method.  For an email account customer I have selected the Preferred Send Form Method to "Email"  Another Customer may have the "to be printed" Option selected and a third have "none" selected in the customer additional info settings.   If I create an invoice for a "to be printed" customer and then immediately create an invoice for an "email" customer, the email customer invoice has both the "to be printed" and "To be emailed" ticked. Do I have to remember every customer that has the preferred method as "email"?  and untick the "to be printed" box??  Is there a trick?


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    Hi Maria,

    You have to remember to untick the 'to be printed' if you only want to email the customer.

    That option is not linked to the Preferred Send Form Method. It will remember your last invoice.

    If someone know a trick to do it, please feel free to post.


    Deny Dharmawan

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    Thanks for the response.. So do you know what  the "Preferred Send Form Method" is linked to? Only  Statements?   or just there to mess with my mind !!   I think i might add to that wish list.
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    Oh what a headache.    I am going to trial the following method. (if someone could explain how I get a screen shot it that would be great and I could update this post to make it a little clearer)    Note I am using Desktop Reckon Accounts Premier 2015

    For Any existing Customers or New Customers

    1. In the Additional Info tab of the select "Email" for Preferred Form Send Method for email customers or "Mail" for Customers you mail.  (this is important when you are preparing statements)
    2. Also in the Additional info Tab at Custom Fields if you don't already have one, add a field via the "Define Fields" button titled "Preferred Method".
    3. In the Preferred Method Field Type in "Email" for Email Customers, "Print" for Mail Customers (or whatever terms suit)
    Changes to your Invoice Template
    1. Go to your Invoice Template
    2. Click on "Additional Customisation"
    3. At the bottom of the Header page you will find "Preferred"
    4. Place a tick in the First Box under the Screen column (this field will appear on the invoice on your screen when creating invoice ) and Type in the Box what you would like.  I entered "Preferred Method". 
    5. Select OK and save the changes
    Creating an Invoice

    When you select a customer and create an Invoice, there will be an additional field on the screen only titled "Preferred Method"

    If you have an Email Customer at a glance you can see what options are selected in the bottom left hand corner which can be "to be printed", "to be emailed" or sometimes both.

    Same applies for "Mail" Customers.

    Change the tick box if necessary.

    If you send invoices by batch later, they should accumulate until sent

    If you print invoices later, they should add to the Invoices to Print until printed

    will keep you posted