Changes in accounting practices, need to dump all Personal Plus 2015 data to open platform (Linux)

Antonio L. Benci
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I am moving to a Linux platform for all accounting and transaction tasks. I have been using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2015 to track and maintain my accounts. As Reckon is not supported on Linux I need to access and dump all account and transaction data. It is imperative that I get all my data (the last 7 years) across to the Linux platform. No, I cannot run Reckon accounts under Wine or any emulator in linux as it will not integrate with the accounting tools that will be used (GnuCash based)

I do know that Reckon CAN do this so I do not believe that this request is not possible. Any assistance would be most helpful.


  • John Campbell
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    It is fairly easy to do a transaction dump for most transaction accounts, but for share transactions it can be more difficult.

    The problem can be to identify the parts of the share transaction, such as company name, commissions, number of shares and share price as these are not always provided in a standard and accurate way, typically only the net value of the transaction is available to the nearest cent.

    Change of name, share consolidations and capital returns can make the information being dumped more complex and also of questionable accuracy.

    Also be aware that some reports are limited to 32,767 items, so using multiple reports with selective date range can help.

    Split transactions are also a problem, to be handled best in Excel

    You can dump out share price history as .csv, but one company at a time.

    If using multiple currencies, that will be a nightmare as QPP can't handle that at all.

    Try to use a .csv or .prn dump. The aim should be to get it into Excel, so you can then fix all these problems.

    I have probably omitted some aspects of features I do not use. ( what are tags or tax categories for ? I never found a practical use for those and what about superannuation accounts or budgets ? best of luck dumping them.)


  • Antonio L. Benci
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    Thanks John. Please explain, how do we do a transaction dump?