Excel format issues when exporting from Reckon

Vince VinceVince
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I am using Reckon Accounts Premier Manufacturing and Wholesaling Edition
When I export reports from Reckon to Excel the format (eg dates) looks ok but it isn't actually an Excel recognised date format which means I can't sort unless I manually go into each cell and hit ENTER.  That is fine for 50 lines but not so for 2000.
I also have issues with formulas and the like but the dates one is causing me the most grief.
Is there a setting within Reckon that I can choose that will make it export properly?


  • John G
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    Hi Vince,

    Welcome to the Reckon community.

    Many programmes experience this issue with exported dates to Excel.

    One simple workaround is to export the Report to a CSV file, then open that CSV file in Excel.

    If that does not work another workaround is:
    1. Export your report to Excel as per normal Highlight all the dates in the date column and copy & paste these to a new notepad document.
    2. Go back to the excel sheet and delete the highlighted dates. 
    3. Now highlight the whole date column and right click and select Format Cells. Change the following values to : 
    4.       Locale=English (Australia) 
    5.       Category=Date 
    6.       Type=14/03/2001 
    7. Then go back to the notepad document and copy & paste the dates back into the newly formatted fields 
    Hope this helps.


  • Vince VinceVince
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    Much appreciated John.