Issue with first-time configuration of a Senor V-GSN320 barcode scanner

Kaeli Brown
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Alright, the issue I'm having currently is setting up the Senor V-GSN320UB00 scanner with POS Lite 2013 on a Senor APOS 750 system, running Windows Embedded POSReady 2009. We inherited the system, which had never been set up prior to our purchase of the business, and we've gotten settled well enough into the business to actually turn to modernizing the system. When I booted up the system, it already had both parts of POS lite and Reckon Accounts Plus installed on the system, and there were no CDs to go with the system. All of the manuals were in the administrative documents though.

After reading through the manual, going through the options setup in POS terminal and configuration as outlined in the POS 2013 Installation and Upgrade Guide, we're still having issues. All six of the configuration Bar-codes provided in the manual were scanned, with the short confirmation sound for codes 2-5, and the longer one for both the start and end of configuration codes. This is where we get to the issue, as the scanner isn't interfacing with the POS terminal at all, and following the advice I saw in several other similar problems, I tried to scan a code into Notepad, which didn't actually do anything. The scanner is still acknowledging the Bar-codes, and scans them without an issue, but just doesn't seem to be using them in any way.

All the configuration for the POS Lite 2013 administrator and Reckon Accounts Plus 2013 has been coming through fine - we've been using the Bar-code Number button in POS terminal to facilitate purchases, and it works without an issue so far.

Any advice or help with this would be greatly appreciated.