Which product should I use ? Need help please

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We are purchasing an established business where they are using Reckon Premier 2013 for debtors/creditors, invoicing and generate statements. We are going to purchase a Reckon software that is compatible to this version as all their data are going to be transferred to the new software.

Another requirement we will need from the software is able to split the customer into two groups with different invoice/statement template as one group of customer with our new bank details and the other group of customer with debtor finance lender bank account details.

We need a product that works great with window 10 as well.

Which products would be the most suitable and cost efficient to suit our requirements as listed above?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!

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    If you are in our local area, we might be able to provide some direct help to you on this.  Deails are below.  Otherwise,  please contact a local Accreedited Parttner in your area, familiar with multiple styles of billing that you requre and the to discuss the and test the environment you run in, to ensure the options suggested will work for you.  (LAN/WAN/connections considerations for instance).


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    Reach out to the Accredited Partner network 
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    Hi Jacklyn

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    The 2016 version of the Reckon Accounts Business range has just been released and it is compatible with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.  It also has the ability to email via web-based email services.  

    You will need Premier - two user edition or higher (Premier - 5 user; Enterprise; Hosted).  Your first question is how many concurrent users to the system are required, and whether you prefer to work on an office network or across the internet.  

    About splitting your customer into two groups, and other business related issues, please seek the input of one of our Accredited Partners.