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I want to Integrate Reckon Account API and Just want to build a middleware between CRM and Reckon
I have a Reckon Account and also API Account :


I want to just Use a Middleware in which
every entry will go in My DB and if i want to fetch any entry from DB
then it should be make in Reckon Account As well, Means Both communication From reckon to DB (Middleware) need.

Also I dont want to use any Desktop app and any SDK , not want to any depended Entity for work
Please guide me and Feedback as step by Step that From where i Should Start this Integration,
Because i readout Reckon Account Hosted API but unfortunately i couldn't integrated that. I am using PHP and want to integrated With ZOHO CRM.
Before i also communicate with your team which give me Response All time as well they clear me that what you need to do for Startup in Reckon Thanks for all Clarification and collaborate.

So Please Guide me for this integration and i am using only Web System so happy to use API like generally we use to fetch Data and post to System



  • cosmic
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    Dharmendra ,are you expecting to get free help here , this is quite a complex area, if you are willing to pay we have means in these kinds of dev work , we can do it. But it will cost.
    Optionally , you may ask Jason Hollis , see if he can guide.

  • Dharmendra
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    I am developer but first time i am integrating Reckon API in client's Project. and also Jason clarify me lot things about this. so  finally i reach on Point of Middleware.
    and also i am waiting for Jason's reply.
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    Hi Dharmendra.... our API manager is responding shortly. No problem. 
  • Simon Hutchinson
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    Hi Dhamendra

    Thank you for your enquiry. As you have correctly identified the best way for you to approach this with a piece of middleware that will sync between the two systems.

    That is, a tool that will sit in the middle and talk to both the Reckon Accounts Hosted API as well as the Zoho API.

    Generally that middleware piece will include a database of some sort to control the syncing of data and flag what has and has not been synced between the systems successfully.

    So how do you achieve this? First of all as Jason has recommended due to the fact that the hosted API sits on top of the Desktop API XML stack (That is the XML from the Desktop API is re-used for the Hosted connection) it is recommended that you become familair with the desktop API before trying to hook into hosted.

    However with that said, both the applications (hosted and zoho) are cloud based so would see why that may not be the most attractive solution.

    Basically you need to become accustomed to the Desktop API and then transform that into a HTTPS JSON payload. The information you require on that part has been given to you as a API partner.

    Before that you need to integrate with our Oauth security server and that is the best place to start the development. You won't be able to get into the RAH servers without a security token that is given to you by that server.

    Once you have that done. You need to get the Zoho data into the middleware database and then take that data and put it into RAH.

    I hope this helps. We do have a accredited partner who has built a RAH integration from scratch in this kind of scenario. I will see if i can get them to pop in here and show you their site with a lot of info about this.



  • Dharmendra
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    Thanks a Lot Simon,
    I integrated that with desktop, at that time From XML file i communicate with Reckon successfully and that insert/fetch records from Reckon (which was install in my Desktop).
    But Still i didn't get that Web API flow with reckon.
    I readout "Reckon Accounts Hosted" API there are few method to communicate with that like


    So some doubts which i want to confirm  that ,
    1. From Simple PHP Script Can I access Data from Reckon Hosted Account Or to Post Data to Reckon Hosted?

    2. When I integrate with our Oauth security server in Server Files according to below image , from which Methods and function i will be able to grab data from Hosted Account ?

    3. and last one is that Reckon Account Hosted runs Desktop APP Via cloud right ? so how will my web API will communicate directly with that App. means what will be exact Flow ?

    Above Points might be Basics for Reckon Hosted API, but i want to clear that.
    Thanks a Lot to Reckon team which always reply to me via Email and Community.
    you clarify me lot of things regarding to Reckon which is not available on internet too.

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    Can you please have a quick look on my question JASON and Simon.