Emailed reports not being received by Outlook

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Hi, just recently whenever I email an excel report to my outlook address I am not receiving it.  I have sent the same report to my gmail account and received ok so it appears to be a setting in outlook that is blocking the report coming through - does anyone know what to change?  I'm running office 2013.  thanks in advance


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    Hi VM,

    Are the emails being diverted to a Junk/Spam folder by any chance?
    Have you previously been receiving emails successfully to this account from Hosted? 

    Are you able to make [email protected] a trusted address and retry?
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    Sounds to me like the attachment is being stripped off by Nanny Microsoft.  Have a look at your security settings in Outlook I would suggest.


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    You champion! Yes, I had received excel reports via outlook email address previously but it had recently stopped.  I had already checked junk/spam and reports were not there BUT have now added [email protected] as trusted address and tada!!  working again. thanks a bunch. :)
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    Awesome! Thanks for letting me know :)

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