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We are running Premier Manufacturing and Wholesale 2016.  Since upgrading to 2016 I decided to take advantage of the ability to send emails from my gmail account instead of having to use Outlook.  Having made the changes in preferences I now receive the error message below.
It does not occur every time I try to email and it doesn't matter what I am trying to email.  If I go ok and then try to send again it will usually go through.  I would like to get away from using Outlook but I can't switch everyone over with this happening.  Using Thunderbird as my email software - though Reckon doesn't seem to use it. 

Also - everytime I log into Reckon I have to re-enter the email password - never had to do this with Outlook.  Anyone have any ideas?


  • Albert Zito
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    Hi Carrie, any luck resolving this issue?
  • Jay Jay
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    Hi Carrie, 
    With Gmail web mail setup, due to the Gmail security settings there are additional configurations required to make it work smoothly, please see blow link.
  • Anton Strauss
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    I really like point 4 of the instructions:
    Scroll down till you see Allow less secure apps

    Why in 2017 is Reckon Accounts a less secure app, considering it is an accounting software, it should be very secure? Or am I wrong?
  • Jay Jay
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    Sorry, we have no answers to this question, I guess you need to ask google why.