Share Portfolio has an unknown amount which I am unable to delete, it appears as (name) cash with fi

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 Cash has appeared in the name column and a figure in Market Value & Cost Basis columns which affects my share portfolio value. I am unable to delete the problem. also, the dividend imputation credits aren't automatically registering, I have to manually input these. 


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    Sandra Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks for your reply Diver Dave.
    I am entering the Dividends via Transactions - Record an Income Event - If fully franked I enter the amount into Franked Dividend - and the Franking Credits in Imputation Credit - but for some reason, it doesn't register the Imputation Credit on the left under Property & Debt...Also with regard to an amount which has appeared in my share portfolio I am not sure if that is related to Dividends, although the amount doesn't add up to the same. I have taken a screen shot, my portfolio is below, but unfortunately this amount affects the balance. Hope you can help!image