Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2017 Not Responding

Basil Ahyick
Basil Ahyick Member Posts: 4
When I customise either budget report in Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2017 and in Advanced tab select either Categories Include All or Categories Non-Zero Actual/Budgeted the program goes into not responding and I have to close it and restart.


  • Fred
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    Sorry, unable to ID your problem, all I can say is that I have just tried my budgets and used all the combinations available without any problems. Maybe a VALIDATE or SUPER VALIDATE may help? Regards
  • Basil Ahyick
    Basil Ahyick Member Posts: 4
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    Thanks Fred, I tried Validate and a full reinstall using selective startup, still same problem.  I will try moving it to another computer to see if it is the computer or software.

  • Basil Ahyick
    Basil Ahyick Member Posts: 4
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    I switched over to my Surface Pro 4 and installed personal plus 2017 onto it.  Still had exactly the same problem.  Ran validate and super validate, same problem.  I have noted that if I don't close the program and come back to the PC in the morning, it has run.  But I don't want to have to wait overnight every time I want a budget report with non zero actual/budget categories.
  • Stephen Appledore
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    Hello Basil

    I have a similar issue with Plus 2017 stops responding and have to close the program etc.

    I got the following reply below when I posted my question about 4 weeks ago.  

    I followed the link and instructions on a clean install.  It seemed to work OK for a week, but it is once again Not Responding at random times.  I have not received any follow up replies from Rav.

    Beginning to feel Plus 2017 was a rip off.

    You could try the same I did, perhaps it will fix your issue,

    Good luck


     Rav, Community Manager

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    Hi Stephen,

    Very sorry to hear that, which version did you upgrade from?

    Were there any symptoms such as what you've described previously?

    During your uninstall/reinstall troubleshooting, did you perform a 'clean' uninstall/reinstall on any of those occasions? If not, could you please try the process outlined here -

    Let me know how you get on


  • Basil Ahyick
    Basil Ahyick Member Posts: 4
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    Latest update is that I did a clean uninstall and reinstall.  I validated and super validated the file and the problem persists.  However, I opened an older data file from a year ago and it didn't have the problem.  So it appears there is a problem with this file but validate and super validate are not picking it up.  Still not sure what to do next?
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