Importing transactions wher payer displays after EFTPOS

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Day 1 on reckon for personal use Just imported bank transactions but the payees appear as EFTPOS date Bunnings or EFTPOS date Kmart Pls tell me I don't have to manually place a category on every single transaction I have added a few manually and don't know if this worked as the expenses graph pie is still full in one colour so not split between any types of expense categories Please help I have no clue and the help doesn't explain this


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    If you can get hold of an old how to use Quicken book from the library, even for Quicken 2006 it covers a lot of the basics that still apply to using Reckon.

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    Yes, if you want a meaningful report on expense patterns then you will need to set up and use categories of expenses for each item entered. The program comes with pre set categories but you can add as many as you want or sub categores of main expenses. eg you might have household expenses as a major category but if you want more detail you can add Household: Groceries or Household:kitchenware,  or consumables or any other expense you want to keep track of.  If you don't want to bother with categories then every expense will just show as "Expenses".

    look at each of the headings on the menu bar and you will get a feel for the various functions.
    Good luck!

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