Database Server Manager Doesn't Work

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I've generally had an awful time trying to get a server with two client configuration working correctly. As far as I know everything is set up according to spec.
  • Reckon Accounts 2017 Enterprise on two clients running Windows 7.
  • Database Manager on Server 2008.
  • Fresh install of everything.
  • For testing, firewalls are OFF.
  • For testing, AV is OFF.
  • Quickbooks Database Server Manager and QuickBooksDB26 are present and correct on the server. Stopped & restarted in services.
  • .ND file deleted and rebuilt, it reports the correct file path and server IP.
  • QBDataServiceUser26 has permissions set to ‘full control’ on the company file folder.
OK so, the company file can be seen by the clients on the network; there is no problem loading the company file. HOWEVER, the clients absolutely refuse to enter multi-user mode unless they are set to host the company file. It just throws an H202 error, every time.

I'm out of ideas. Anyone?


  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hello Andy,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Please have a look at these KBs for further hints to resolve your issue:

    Reckon Accounts cannot reach the server on that computer (H202)

    .ND file fails every day - Error (-6177,0), (-6000,-83) or H202

    If the problem persists you'd be best to call Technical Support for further one to one attention to this issue.

  • Andy DAndy D Member Posts: 10
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    Thanks John, that first link is the one they have already directed me to. All those things have been addressed. I've already played with the .nd file to no avail. Shouldn't really have to do that though!

    I'm still awaiting further response from tech support. I've really had nothing but grief with QB Database Server, so I'm going to try Terminal Services I think.
  • Andy DAndy D Member Posts: 10
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    A follow up one year on: I can't tell you how much better Terminal Services is for this application. QBDBM is completely unreliable in my view, having spent months trying to make it work. And Quickbooks 'support' were of absolutely no use.

    Terminal Services has been 100% reliable and 10000% faster as the company file is no longer streamed over the network. It's a simple screen share and the only network disconnect which can happen is the screen share itself – and if that happens, the company fie is still up and running on the server, Quickbooks doesn't bomb out.

    So, highly recommended!
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