Problems with new install of Reckon Accounts on Terminal Server

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We are moving Reckon Accounts from a local PC to a Windows 2008 R2 Server. We have successfully installed Reckon Accounts Premier 2017 on our server and can successfully open it through Remote Desktop Connection, but only as a Domain Admin. If we connect via RDP as another user, then Reckon won't load. Instead, Reckon starts to load and then fails with "Reckon Accounts has stopped working" as below: 


We have followed the advice in KB4494, but we still can't get it to work.

All and any suggestions are very welcome as this is becoming a really big issue for us right now.

PS. Can anyone explain how to contact Reckon Tech Support? I emailed them days ago on a related matter and have not had any response.


  • Fred FleurenFred Fleuren Member Posts: 35
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    I found this on the internet and might work for you. I'm yet to try it out as I'm changing from local to network as well.

    Cudos to the person writing it.

    Firstly, stop the hosting on Computer A –click on File > Utilities > Stop
    Hosting multi-user access

    Next, on the server, install Reckon Accounts with
    the option Company File Server Only.  Then run the Database Server
    Manager and scan for Reckon Account company files.  Your server
    will then be hosting multi-user access and both Computer A and B will access
    the file from the server.

    Hope this resolves your issue. 

  • Greg MillerGreg Miller Member Posts: 5
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    Thanks Fred, but we can't see even get that far. This info relates to two or more users working on the same company file. Our problem is that Reckon won't even start; we don't get to the login screen, unless the user is a Domain Administrator. Cheers, Greg
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Greg,

    It may have something to do with higher security settings in Internet Explorer that can only be changed in Server Manager.  Please see this article:  
    QuickBooks crashes on startup in Windows 2008 Terminal Server, or Unable to Register.

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