Reckon 2017 current registration Winows 8.1 is not updating stock quotations.

Serena Steuart
Serena Steuart Member Posts: 3
Reckon 2017 current registration Windows 8.1 is not updating stock quotations. Download quotes appears to work but does not. Not for a while.The community discussion makes this appear to be an unsolved bug. Have searched and see various ad hoc fixes that have helped individuals, but haven't been good here.


  • John G
    John G Reckon Staff Posts: 1,570 Reckon Staff
    edited July 2017
    Hello Serena,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Other users are not having difficulty updating share prices after upgrade.  Please go through our checklist of reasons your share prices may not be updating for you and make the appropriate adjustments for your circumstances.

    Looking forward to seeing you updating your share prices shortly.  

  • Serena Steuart
    Serena Steuart Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2017
    Thank you John. This is not as a result of upgrading Reckon, I have been using 2017 for some time: it has stopped downloading quotes. I've gone through the suggestions of checking australian stocks, one step upgrade, etc. I do observe that hitting one step upgrade just sits there turning circles, so I presume the upgrade never happens.