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Hi, I wonder if anyone has any experience with creating a fillable PDF form (from either Acrobat or Quickbooks Template) that is integrated with QB, which allows you to distribute to people to collect data, then import the data into QB? 

We have been using ProTimer but people complains about it all the time because it's not easy to see their total time spent for a particular period.  We can't really use Tsheet or other paid apps because of our tight budget. 

So, my idea is to create such a form - in this instance, a weekly timesheet, send it to all staff, they fill out their time, send it back to me at end of the week, i can simply import the times into QB.   If this works out, i can see that we extend this function to other types of forms such as Quote, purchase order, etc. 

We have Acrobat 9 Standard and Acrobat X Standard which I think need to upgrade to Pro to have that function.  But I would like to see how this works and how good (or bad) it is before spending the money to upgrade. 

Would be great if anyone can share some advice. 


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    Teresa, what your asking will cost $$, frankly mosts developers would want to look at it. There is off the shelf products these day that cater for most issues you have. This product has not been anything like Quickbooks since like 9 or more years ago. The software has reached it's potential and frankly out of date and will die a slow death.

    Time to thin of other solutions.
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    Yes since your are using desktop we have solution that will do what you want Bit as Tim said it's cost .
    The automation is the way to go and for once off cost it's an investment
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