Error connecting to Reckon Accounts 2017 after Windows 10 upgrade

David Younger
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We have a commercial application written in Visual FoxPro that talks to Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2017.

The link has been working fine until we upgraded to Windows 10. In fact, every one of our clients running the link have failed when they upgrade to Windows 10.

The error I get is:

An internal error occured while looking for a running instance of QuickBooks. Cannot continue. hr = 800401f3
Could not create instance of QuickBooks. hr = 8004041c
Based on previous advice, the UAC is set to “Never”, both Reckon accounting and my link program runs as administrator.

Here is some sample code that worked fine prior to updating to Windows 10 but now fails:

qbxmlcom = New QBXMLRP2Lib.RequestProcessor2
qbxmlcom.OpenConnection2("test", "test2", QBXMLRP2Lib.QBXMLRPConnectionType.localQBD)
        strticket = qbxmlcom.BeginSession("", QBXMLRP2Lib.QBFileMode.qbFileOpenDoNotCare)

Foxpro Example:

oApplication = CREATEOBJECT('qbXMLRP2.RequestProcessor')
oApplication.OpenConnection2('test', test2',oApplication.ConnectionType)

We need help urgently, can anyone please shed some light on what we need to do to get the link going again?

David Younger


  • Jason Hollis
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    Hi David,

    I know the team are working with you offline and awaiting some further info. We had a user have this same error recently on a machine that was upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit from Windows 7. They used the QB diagnostics tool here and the integrated application once again connected. 

    • They did not install the .NET components and cancelled the tool once the prior process completed.
    • This is not a tool recommended or endorsed by Reckon Ltd or their employees. In other words, try at your own risk after you have thoroughly investigated.
    We do know for certain that we can't replicate the issue here, however if it is a corruption of the MSXML, C++ components as the site suggests then those would all be local and not caused by the SDK itself. Windows 10 upgrades are causing issues though for all sorts of apps.