Create an inventory report that has MPN and Order in it

Gabrielle Baudinette
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Hi there

I wish to create an inventory report combining two reports (the inventory item listing - which includes the MPN (Manufacturers Product Number) and Item Reorder report which marks which items are ready for reorder.  I have tried working with the filters on both reports and cannot get the result I require.  I am using Reckon Accounts Plus 2017

Many thanks for your help


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Gabe,

    If you mean you want to see the "Order" column that shows a tick for the ones that need re-order, its not possible to get it on the same report as the MPN.  You could add the Reorder Point column to the item listing report, then export to Excel, and then use an IF statement to say if the reorder amount is more or equal to the quantity on hand, then reorder.  See the image below, it shows the formula I used and it is working for me.  Just enter the formula once for one item, and then you can drag it down for all other items.  Hope this helps.  Regards, Shane.