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Hi all,

I have updated my pricing for the new financial year, but have decided to continue my current customers on last year's pricing until December 31st.  To do this, I've updated the item list with the new prices, and have created a price level called "2016/17" which has been tied to all existing clients (so that new clients are automatically on the new pricing).

The issue is that while the price level appears to work for invoicing, it ?does not? work for estimating.  This afternoon I issued an estimate for an old client and didn't realise that Reckon was using the new rates until it was too late.  This client has called questioning the change, the issue has been handled but I can't help but feel it's caused some minor friction as this client now feels like I've tried to up their rates without telling them.

Can anyone tell me why this might have occurred?



  • John G
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    Hello Goaty,

    Thanks for asking.  

    The programme is operating as designed.  Customer Price Levels are not available for estimates; they are only available in Invoicing.  

    I'll switch this post to the Ideas section where it will be noted by the developers.  

  • GoatyMcGoatBoat
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    Hi John, This seems a bit silly, why on earth would Reckon be set up this way? Regardless of whether it's operating as designed this isn't a suggestion, it's a bug. If Reckon doesn't apply price levels to estimates then the price level system becomes completely unusable. Cheers
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