Multiple company data files to be merged

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We use a local version of Reckon Accounts Plus 2017 and thought I was going completely insane when auditing our data file only to realise - No, I'm not losing my mind, somehow I have ended up with 3 data files for the same company!

Data file 1 - contains all the company history

Data file 2 - contains approximately 2 months worth of information

Data file 3 - contains all recent information with new customers/suppliers and various gaps in between old and new data

I now need to get all the data into the same file (ideally data file 1) without having to re-key anything (if at all possible) 

Can someone please help me and tell me how I do this?  Do I use the export/import function with set steps to complete or is there another way?

I don't really know how this nightmare has come about and once I've merged the information I wouldn't mind finding out but that is the least of my issues right now!

Appreciate any direction you can give as I dont want to end up with a bigger mess!




  • Jacqui Allen
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    You could use a third party software or export/import option, have a look at the help on importing data. I found it easier to use the Journal report to extract the information and export to excel make any modifications if required and then import. Might be worth while doing a file for Tax Invoice, Invoice Payment, Sales Receipt, Bill/Bill Credit, Bill Payment etc.
    Use the File>utilities export/import for customers/suppliers, chart of accounts, items etc. Don't forget to export any templates you've modified.  AND BE SURE TO MAKE SEVERAL BACKUPS. Once your happy delete all duplicate files.
  • Luke
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    Hi Kathy,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to merge company files together.

    Within Reckon Accounts, you can export/import lists only. It won't allow you to export out actual transactions such as invoices, bills etc.

    As Jacqui has suggested, you can use a third party application to help export transactions out of one file and import into another file. One example of a program that can do this is called Zed Axis.

    Alternatively, our data conversion team can convert transactions from one data file into another data file, however, this is a chargeable fee.