2017 Tax Schedule Report doesnt work any more - the form questions have been deleted from categories

Rachel_7383118 Member Posts: 8
I am using Reckon Home and Business 2017. have been using the product for 20 years.

I run the tax schedule report every year, to prep tax returns.  This year, the tax schedule report doesn't work, nothing is mapped from the accounts to the tax questions. 

I check the mappings of my accounts to the tax form questions and voila there's the problem. 

Half (?) the tax income questions and 95% of the tax expense categories have been deleted!  There are only 4 questions left that relate to valid deductions, 2 for NPP and 2 for PP.  And a significant number of the useful tax income categories have also disappeared. 

What gives?

Does someone know whether this is a bug or a feature and how we are supposed to map accounts to the proper tax questions going forward?