I am using Reckon Account Plus 2017 and getting a Gov Connect Error

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I am using Reckon Account Plus 2017 and I am getting a problem when I use Gov connect, it gets to the pre-fill page then an error occursimage
How do we lodge our required BAS if this is what happens every time. I have tried over a dozen times and same thing happens every time. I have restarted computer and program to no avail. Not happy paying for a program that all it seems to do is cause me more hassle then it is worth. I spend more time trying to fix problems with this program then I do doing the accounts.


  • Jay JayJay Jay Reckon Staff Posts: 73
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    Hi Jo, 
    Sorry to hear you are having such issue, we are aware of this issue and the problem is due to a ATO software issue with handling data coming from Reckon, this problem is reported to ATO and we are still awaiting feedback from ATO at the moment. 
    In the main Time, if you have access to Business Portal, we suggest use business portal for submitting BAS. 
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