reckon 2016 window 10 update issues unable to open quickbooks

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Hello. Have been using QB for about 16 years, my computer just did a windows 10 update yesterday and today I am unable to open quick books.  I have restored my computer to the day before so I can at least access QB, however, need to work out how to fix or work what in the windows 10 update is upsetting it . Your help would be most appreciated.


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    Maybe you got a corrupted down load? I did my update when W10 was a free change up from W7 and it went OK - for the first time ever I did not have an email problem that I have had every year for the past 10, when renewing my licence. Every year I have spent countless hours trying to get Reckon to fix the issue, but this year I didn't have to. Maybe try again to download W10 as since you have backups you could always revert if it happened a second time.
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    Ring me Maryann Kevin 0407744914
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    Welcome to the Reckon Community, MaryAnn.

    Some key directory paths in pre-Windows10 are a little different to Windows10, so once a PC with a Reckon Accounts installation is upgraded, Reckon Accounts will not function properly as it cannot find the correct paths.  Uninstalling and re-installing on the upgraded Windows10 will result in a properly functioning Reckon Accounts 2016.


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    Thanks everyone, after the restore I went in and did the windows 10 update again and seems to be ok now. So will watch that space. Thanks for the tips, have a plan of attack if it happens again. Have a great day! 

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