incorrect net worth after deleting accounts

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I have Reckon accounts 2017 .for decades if has been problematic. in order to fix a problems I deleted all accounts except for 2 company share purchases. but the net worth is not showing the correct figure. how can this be fixed. i thought i posted this a few months ago i have had no reply. now subscription has run out so i phoned reckon tech and they said to post again.


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    Hi Dave
    Is incorrect from memory $61,000.00 when the 2 shares are $3500.00
    no not validated .
    how can i open the data file now subscription has run out.?
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    thanks again Dave I had the program open for weeks waiting for help.
    but unfortunately today I accidentally closed it and now  i can not open the program i says my licence has expired .and need to pay to access the data file,
    Game over.
    im not paying for a licence just to find out if is still stuffed.
    i guess there is no way of opening the program ?
    I would be happy to loose my 22 years of data if i can just use the program without a licence.
    start fresh
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    If you really don't want to lose you data and no other idea works then you can shell out for a full version and then the program will work forever (or at least until it becomes incompatible with some Windows operating system change in the future)
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