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After a 15 year absence from Quickbooks our accountant is now using it and I am currently in the process of looking at changing from MYOB  back to Quickbooks - have downloaded the trial version, had a play and spoken with Tech Support who at this stage I am deciding after waiting for 95 minutes to speak with them was a total waste of time - can anyone tell me any of the following:

Can data be imported easily into Quickbooks from an excel spreadsheet without using any third party software - MYOB has a import and export assistant that allows you to import all transactions from Excel - we have multiple receive money transactions in a month and I usually just write a excel spreadsheet, it is substantially quicker but I cant find anything similar looking in Quickbooks

Can a tax code list be imported, I have tried, it tells me it imported and then when I look at the list there is none of the new ones there.

Can a tax code be set up to not link to a BAS report (ie franking credits linked to an asset account at a rate of 30%)

Is there a support system other than tech support for new users who can answer these sorts of questions as tech support cannot?

And right at this moment in time, the way to unistall the trial version, because as much as I hate to say it I am starting to think in this day and age that MYOB is a superior product.


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    Lee-Anne of course you can convert the data although I am not sure about the quality of the information. The main point is this. Both products have their strong and weak points. You just need to work out what it is that is important to you. Hosted is not really a competitor product to AR live. The technologies are completely different. My considered advice is to sit down and write out what are your pain points now. What are the things you would like to do but cannot. Then  you need to do a proper evaluation of all the software offerings including Quickbooks (not the same as Reckon) and Zero. I use them all so I am familiar with the way they all work and how they can aid productivity.  You owe it to your business to choose the right product that will work for you. Don't believe the hype either. There is no one size fits all solution. 

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    Thanks Kevin - I dont want to host in a cloud so that rules out a lot, did exactly this and wrote the list this afternoon and for the functionality I am looking for MYOB wins but in saying that I have only looked at Reckon - My earlier days I used Quickbooks and your advice that it is different may warrant a look - is it still available and does it need to be hosted or can you purchase a desktop version
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    oh and what is Zero?
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    Quickbooks or Intuit is browser based software which will run on almost any device. It doesnt have the functionality of the other two but it may have what you need. Of course you need an internet connection. Xero is the same type of technology only hideously more expensive. Myob has their own version called Essentials as does Reckon called Reckon one. You need to do a truly independent evaluation of all the software in ordee to work out what is right for you. Some consultants want to reframe the problem so it looks like their solution is the only answer. And they wont tell you about their secret commissions Kevin t 0407744914
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