Reckon Accounts Personal not creating renaming rules for bank import

Stuart Rayner
Stuart Rayner Member Posts: 1
When importing a bank file, I have the option to create renaming rules checked, but having done three files, there are still not rules automatically created. Do I need to do something other than rename the payee and set the category before entering the transaction. I have manually created one rule and it appears to be working ok. Using Personal Plus 2018 (AU)


  • Shane_6461899
    Shane_6461899 Reckon Staff Posts: 339 Reckon Staff
    edited February 2020
    Hi Stuart,

    I've been testing this and I found the only way I can get it to automatically create renaming rules is if the transaction has been manually entered already with the name you want it to use, then when you import your bank statement you match the imported transaction (which will have the payee as per the bank statement) to the one you entered (which has the payee you want it renamed to).  When you match the transactions you get a message about renaming rules, click OK and it has created the rule.

    If you are using the bank statement import to avoid data entry rather than matching the transactions you would need to manually create the renaming rules.