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I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 2017.
I use the payroll system and create an ABA to pay employees. This has worked well for several months now however the last 2 pay periods have created errors. Sort of.
When I click on "Preview ABA File", I am shown a file from 4 weeks ago, however when I click on "Create ABA File", I am able to save (using a date format) to my file location and the correct file is uploaded.
I am actually doing everything right and the pays are going through, but i cannot PREVIEW today's file - only one from 4 weeks ago. The same problem happened last fortnight too and of course the only way to read to ABA file is translate it through Excel - which I have done, so I can get a pre-banking report.
Why isn't Reckon giving me todays ABA file to preview?


  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hello Sari,

    It appears the Reckon Accounts application does not have sufficient permission to view the current ABA file from the temporary location it is written to.   

    When blocked it has difficulty finding the correct ABA file and will show either a previously created ABA file or a file with no data at all.   

    See this article for a number of steps you can take to rectify it.  

    Hope this helps.

  • Nathan BennettNathan Bennett Member Posts: 1
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    Would this be the case if instead of displaying ABA files there was a web browser error, such as cant navigate to page? or is this different?
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Nathan,

    Its theoretically possible for a browser error (and it must be Internet Explorer) to cause a problem in the File History display, but we have not encountered it in this task.  

    The browser is used only for the display template; there is no internet use as the information is stored in a separate file on the PC that created the ABA file.  In multi-user situations users can only see the ABA File Histories created on the PC they are using.

    Hope this explains a little more how the ABA File History works.  

  • SariSari Member Posts: 22
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    Thank you both for your comments.
    John, i read the article you advised and followed the suggestions. Sadly this has made no difference at all. I have had my IT guys in for a couple of hours now (at $130/hours!!) with no solution insight.
    I am sure this has something to do with a server upgrade on the 6th March - the last ABA that reveals is 27th Feb, so maybe...
    We have just gone to Office 365 and that too seems to be presenting more problems than it is worth.
    I have to resort to opening the file with Notepad and making an excel summary of it. Quite clunky and not what I am used to with Reckon. But then again the employee portfolio hasn't been working for ages either.
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Thanks Sari,

    A couple of questions.....
    What was your network setup and to what was it upgraded?
    Client/Server? Terminal Server? Server2012R2? 
    Do you work locally on this PC or do you remote in?

    Could you please do a test.
    On another PC, prepare an ABA file and preview it.  Is is OK?

  • FaddyFaddy Member Posts: 7
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    Hi John, 

    I tried to new payment and created new aba file. However, when I click on preview ABA file it still shows the February one. I tried on two computers and these are two new people who joined in.

    Any suggestions on that please.

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