Different save dates for Reckon Personal Plus QIN and QPH files in the current and back-up folders.

Dan Fardon
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I am using Reckon Personal Plus 2015 and have a Reckon file for my own finances and another one for a charity I do voluntary work for. The QIN file save date in the main folder for my personal finance Reckon file is much older than the QIN file save date for that file in the Backup Folder. The same is true for the QPH files for my charity organisation Reckon files. Why the very large difference in the save dates, (several years different in each case)?


  • John G
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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Dan,

    It sounds like some files have been moved around independently.

    I suggest you create a new backup to a new folder for your backups.  You should also accept the default backup format of .rkn - this will zip all your files into one compressed file.


    Your transactions are kept in the .QDF file, share price updates in the .QPH file and currency updates in the .HCX file.  All of these auxiliary files (files other than .QDF) are created and maintained when needed.