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Hi all,

I am setting up a new item which we purchase and it comes as a 2 piece set which we want to sell as individual pieces.

How should I set this up to have the 'parent' part show up on supplier orders and the 'child' parts show up on sales invoices?

Just can't seem to work out the best way to do this.



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    Hi Di,

    I remember that when I was doing my Certificate IV in Bookkeeping, MYOB allowed you to build a sales item from components but I'm not sure whether this feature is available in Reckon Accounts.

    MYOB treats Inventory differently to how Reckon does it so I hope another Reckon user may have investigated this build feature availability in Reckon Accounts.

    Hint for a new feature to be added to Reckon Accounts if it isn't already provided.

    Robert Smeallie
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    Hi Di

    You can set this up as a Group Item as follows:

    This can be sold three ways: as a Gin, as a Tonic, or as a Gin & Tonic Kit.  When you purchase it, the purchase order shows all the items listed, but when you print preview, it will collapse to a single line if you leave the "print parts in group" tickbox unticked.

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