Error: mapi error code 80040700 (1792) at line 1031 in sendemail.cpp

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Hi - above error message is appearing when I try to email invoices in Reckon Accounts Accounting 2017 - small business edition.  I have my email (Outlook) open.


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    Ive never seen it. Have you looked at the knowledgebase? What did you find? What have you tried?
  • Melanie RhookMelanie Rhook Member Posts: 9
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    I have fixed the problem!! So for anyone else that has the same issue - this is what I found.  I have now tried sending other invoices and it seemed to be just one customer (that I have found) that is affected.  We have emailed invoices to him previously with no issues, and I have not made any changes to his details.  I can email him directly from Outlook with no problems.  I have tried using his email address to send from other customer accounts (without actually sending) and there are no problems.  I have tried setting up a new account for him with the same details and I have the same problem.  And I have tried changing his email address to mine to see if it is just the email address, and we have the same problem.  For some reason, Reckon just does not seem to like his name!
    Ive done all the usual basic troubleshooting - restart computer, update Outlook and Reckon.
    In the end I ended up setting up a new customer account for him, but changed his name slightly - his surname was O'Brien, I left out the ' and made it OBrien. This worked, I am not sure why as I have other customers with apostrophes in their name and Reckon does not seem to object. 

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    i have this problem sending statements to 3 customers (no issues sending their invoices?!), just removed the '&' from their name and it worked! Can't figure out the problem with the other 2 customers??
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