Why is my paid parental leave payments being in included in leave accruals

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    Hi Plaxy,

    Check out this KB article below -

    Employee accumulates leave while taking Paid Parental Leave
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    Hi Rav.  Would it not be simpler and more logical to do the setup with the actual pay item itself e.g. when getting to the Super Items to apply screen, there is an option to either include or exclude the payroll item from "Every hour worked" leave accruals?  This would then overcome the need to have to diarise the return of the employee as detailed in the above KB article.
    John L G
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    Thanks for that, Ive now realized that it hasn't been accruing but when I prepare a Payroll Liability Report it is calculating the previously accrued hours on the PPL weekly rate so has blown out the liability. How can I correct this?Cheers
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