Reckon Accounts Enterprise error 20088 92001

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I had sent in a email support message a week ago but unfortunately I did not get a response at all. Hopefully someone can help me out here.

We get an error come up when we go to save an invoice : Error 20088 92001
We are using Reckon Accounts Business Enterprise Edition 2017
Operating system is Windows 7 Pro.

This problem arrised a week ago on only one PC of multiple PC's. Will post a screenshot of this the next time it comes up.
Any help is appreciated.

Edit: The error code seems to be different every time it happens?(this time the code is 14538 69662) The following picture shows the error that comes up when trying to save an invoice.


  • John G
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    Hello Lachlan,

    Thanks for asking.

    Just to confirm, this problem occurs only on one PC in your network that is opening a file on the server; no other PC experiences this problem when opening that same file.  

    Please do this test:
    Unplug the network cable.
    Launch Reckon Accounts - it should fail to open the file and leave you on the No Company Open screen.
    Open the Sample file - did it open successfully?
    if so shut down Reckon Account
    Plug in your network cable
    Launch Reckon Accounts - it should open to the Sample file
    Use File > Open or Close a company file......   to open your networked file.
    Does the same error occur?
    Are other users experiencing any problems with the file?