The Employer SGA Contributions report does not capture all paid amount and payment date. what caus

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This is the first time I generated the Employer SGA Contributions report. But the report did not capture all the Paid Amount and Payment Date, i.e. the SGA amount of paycheques in the same month were listed but one of them had the Paid Amount Nil and also missing payment date even though the month's contribution payment to super fund was recorded on the same day.


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    Hi Ming
    I have the same issue and from reading other comments it has been going on for several years. Reckon surely it's time to fix it?
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    Hi Ming

    I had this same issue. After speaking with Reckon, there were a couple of issues that were possible causes.
    1. Our new employee had processed a super payment that was to be amended as a cheque payment, and not through the liability screen.

    2. The same amendment had an incorrect date which showed as a nil payment for the month in question.

    Hope this helps with your issues.
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