Instance not allowed error when updating previously reported pay in STP via Reckon Portal

Carmel MathesonCarmel Matheson Member Posts: 9
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When updating an employee's previously reported pay via the Reckon STP Portal to include the termination date, we get this fault... instance.PayrollEvent.PayrollDetail additionalProperty "GrossWages" exists in instance when not allowed,instance.PayrollEvent.PayrollDetail additionalProperty "GrossPAYG" exists in instance when not allowed.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,861 Administrator
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    Hi Carmel,
    This error means that there is a mismatch between the option you chose as your export method from Reckon Accounts Hosted and what you're sending to GovConnect STP.

    For example, you might be choosing 'Update Event' as the submission method in GovConnect STP whereas you exported a new/normal payrun from Reckon Accounts Hosted.
    Essentially, the submission method needs to be consistent across the two.
  • Carmel MathesonCarmel Matheson Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks Rav, we processed a final pay before we had the employees termination date entered on the employee record.. we have since lodged our next pay, and thought we should process an update event for the terminated employee, so that the termination date is sent with the final pay, we decided to resend the final pay for the employee as an update event, there were no changes in amounts to the Gross Wages or PAYG, which is what the instance error fault speculated... do we need to keep trying? If we lodge it as a final pay, will it overwrite the existing pay that we have previously lodged or will it seem that there were two pays for that person, for that day? Thanks for your time, Carmel.
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