Hi Rav I'm trying to resubmit my stp files

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How do you resubmit payroll runs if they are not showing up in the STP lodgements window?  I have submitted 13 files but only the last 5 are showing in the pull down selection.  Is there a setting somewhere to change this? Im using Accounts Hosted


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
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    Hi Shelley,
    I'm assuming that you've chosen the Full File Replacement option during export. Is that correct?

    You can only replace the last successfully submitted pay event. The list of 5 that you see will soon be updated to show only one.

    If you need to update a pay event prior to the most recent, you must choose 'Update Event'

    More info -
    Full File Replacement
    Update Event
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    Hi Rav,
    I also am having problems resubmitting files. My problem is that I need to update 2 events as I had not registered Reckon with the ATO. Once I registered and submitted the files again they have all gone over perfectly. However the first 2 Pay runs that I did on 3/07 and 10/07 have disappeared from the saved files and Reckon is only showing the last 4 pay runs. How do I see all pay runs please so I can recreate the STP files.
  • ShelleyShelley Member Posts: 42
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    Originally I have chosen the full file replacement option.  I have no successfully submitted pay events so Im trying to resubmit them all. Even if I select the update event option there are only the last 5 payrolls to choose from.  My understanding is that you need to re-submit the file that is causing the issue before your subsequent uploads will be successful?

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    Full File Replacement should only be used if you've made a substantial error on a successfully submitted pay event ie. has been sent to the ATO and need to replace the whole file.

    In your case, no pay events have been successfully submitted due to the Software ID issues in your other thread. You need to be sending a normal 'new' pay event.

    I'm going to close this thread and send a separate reply to your Software ID thread because there is some action required on that topic.
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