can I create an estimate from an invoice

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Well I love estimates, and I use them also as work orders from my customers.  That way I can run a find transactions type report, with the main filter type being Estimates, and hey presto, there are all my estimates (work orders from customers). If the customer's work order is actually for a quote, then the estimate can be sent as the quote.  If it is just an order for straight up work, then I can use the report as a way to see where my work orders are up to, once scheduled etc, I can update the estimate memo and the report will show me at a glance what the order status is.  Now my question is, that I have done an invoice which had no work order or estimate for it at the beginning, and I would actually like to have it in there for the status reasons mentioned above. I know that in Estimates, I can create an Invoice from there.  What would be great is that from an invoice, I could also create an estimate...  Does anyone happen to know if that can be done?


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    I don't think it is something you can do directly in Reckon as Estimate > Invoice is one-way traffic.

    However, if you really want to have it done, a custom solution can help. In other words, a tool can be built to help you to create an estimate from an invoice. 

    That tool can be also built to help you to 'mark your estimate as invoiced' so you can view its status in your report (I refer to the other post that you commented)



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    Hi Deb

    Your Reckon program also has the ability to enter & track actual customer Sales (work) Orders too.  SOs allow you to create a single invoice for multiple orders, do partial invoicing & track backorders.
    There are specific reports in the system that will then show you the invoiced status of your SOs.

    This means you have the ability to create an estimate which if won, you can then convert to a customer sales order & then invoice from there, all linked.

    Unfortunately, it is a feature-flow process as Phuong says above. 
    Having said that, you can still go back & create the estimate though, the invoice just won't be internally linked specifically to it, but it will still be in the customer's transactions.

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