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I recently purchased a new laptop to take travelling. I'm currently using Personal Plus 2015 ( on the desk top) which I purchased as a downloaded upgrade from the 2013 version in November 2014. It is now in perpetual license mode so no share updates for me! How do I get the program onto the laptop drama free and get the data file working? The data file is on a separate hard drive and I have usually backed up each time I exit the program. I've read quite a few " community" questions and answers but still not sure of how to go about it. One even suggested uninstalling the program but I found this a bit scary as to do so could leave me up the creek without a paddle if things go sour.Please help!


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    I don't know how to fix it, but don't uninstall.
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    It is just a matter of getting an upgrade to the current version, you may need to pay for it, then you will need to install it on our desktop and laptop, upgrade your data file ( the data file and program file are 2 seperate things) then simply do a backup  from the one you are working on and restore the backup to the other Easier than it sounds.

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