Reckon Personal Plus 2018 Reporting of Net Worth not functioning correctly

Kel Luke
Kel Luke Member Posts: 32
I have just noticed when running a report on Net Worth, the first two months of the current financial year, share values are showing the difference in value over the month and not the actual value. As a result the Net position in total is out by the current value of all shareholdings. 

The last couple of months tho are showing the correct values.  Maybe this fault has been there for some time but I have only recently noticed it. 


  • rippedoff
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    edited September 2018
    Hi good luck with that because i have the same problem even after i deleted accounts net-worth was still incorrect. No one could help. After 22 years share trading I have given up payng for a product that is faulty now I can not even access my own historic data. I suggest you look for another product like Zero   
  • Kel Luke
    Kel Luke Member Posts: 32
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    Thanks for reply. Yes I have been using Quicken/Reckon for a similar time and I have accepted that the product is barely fit for purpose. However I don't think Zero cater for personal finances. Have a look at Share Sight for share trading.