How can I open old Quickbooks files using Reckon Accounts Accounting 2018?

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I have several old QuickBooks files (different company files pre 2004) that I am trying to open with Reckon Accounts Accounting 2018.  Depending on the company I am trying to open, I get either of the below two error messages:

- "This data is from an older version of Reckon Accounts.  Please update your company file using Reckon Accounts 2007/08 then try again"

- "This file was not created with the US version of Reckon Accounts"

Can anyone suggest any solutions to these issues?  I don't have access to Reckon Accounts 2007/08.  I have also tried opening the same files with the Canadian version of QuickBooks Pro 2018 but I get the error "Quickbooks cannot update this company file because: The company file was not created with the Canadian version of Quickbooks.  It is not compatible with this version of Quickbooks."

Any help is appreciatied!  Thanks in advance :)


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    If your have a Reckon ID & password you can login into the members area and download previous version 2002 or 7.5 prior to that or if you don't have a login, you will have to pay someone (accountant, reckon partner, etc.) 
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    Correct Tim
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    Some of the files created by older programs need a file converter program for the newer versions to read that file. should be available on line from Reckon.
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    Hi Felicity, Tim's suggestion is probably the only way you will be able to open these files, unless you have Reckon Accounts Plus or higher (Pro, Premier or Enterprise)... you have stated that you are using Reckon Accounts Accounting... this base version of Reckon Accounts can only open and upgrade other Accounting files... and your pre 2004 files were created prior to Accounting being a veersion... so the 2004 datafile is based around the Plus and higher functionality - so only Plus and Higher is able to open and upgrade these old files... hopefully that makes sense?  Even a trial version of Plus 2018 would be able to open the files, or as suggested above, contact one of the Accredited Partners who would be able to open the files for you or assist with getting you access to a trial version of 07/08 so you can open them...
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    Spot on Linda
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