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We currently have the Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2018 and are interested in moving to QuickBooks Online.

We have been told to go to the 'Company' tab in QuickBooks and select 'Export Company File to QuickBooks Online' however this option does not appear. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall to make sure we had the latest version however still no luck.

I have just seen that this is for the US version, not AUS - is this right?



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    Oh dear. You appear to have come to the wrong place completely. This is Reckon not Quickbooks. You might be better off calling Intuit.
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    Gee, don't I feel silly! Thanks for your reply. 
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    You may be better going to the Reckon online version which is called Reckon One as it keeps you with the same company that you are using now.


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    Delerious to be of assistance Ally
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