can you redirect the Reckon Accounts root directory after someone moved it

margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
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So when i process single touch payroll event, someone has moved the directory to a different location can i fix it and send it back to the default location or do i now need to save into new location?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Hi Margaret,
    Could you elaborate this a bit further? Particularly around the process you're going through for STP and where specifically things have changed/failing?

    Are you referring to the Q drive in Reckon Accounts Hosted?
  • margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
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    I am talking about where the file gets save from reckon.

    i.e (for example: C:\ProgramData\Reckon\ReckonAccounts[year]\[product]\[company_file_name]\Export Files\STP Files)

    Someone in the office change the location and not sure how to get it back?
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