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I have 5 bank accounts in my online banking.  One of them will not download the transactions after November 2018.  It tells me there are no transactions to download but I have a paper statement which has transactions on it.  How can I force the transactions to download?


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    If you suspect the latest transactions that should be showing are not, follow this check list.

    1. Check the Yodlee Feed Status report  – your financial institution may have a technical problem that Yodlee is already working to resolve that accounts for the lack of latest transactions.

    2. Refresh your Yodlee connection to force an immediate update of your transactions.
    Go to the Bank Feed Management screen by logging into

    Click on the link in the Status column
    i. in most cases it will be Active
    ii. Where MFA is used it will be Authentication Required
    iii. If you recently changed your password at the bank, it will be Authentication Required.

    Check for latest transactions. If still not appearing then continue with the next step.

    3. Check that you have not consumed your monthly download allowance.
    For Reckon Accounts/Hosted: request a download and on the Transaction Summary Screen, is the available download field less than the plan limit field?
    c. If you have exceeded your plan limit then you need to upgrade your plan to gain more transactions. If the need for more transactions is not permanent you can downgrade your plan before renewal.
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    Thanks for your reply Rav.
    1. The Feed Status report says that it is "active".
    2. Followed these steps.  Transactions still not appearing.
    3. I have not consumed the monthly download allowance.

    Is there something else I should do?  I considered cancelling the feed and redoing it but will it then only down transactions from the date I redid it?

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