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So I want to download my company file which is the " .QBW "
when I go through account hosted to download it is says: "this file is being used..." and wont let me to download it.
So I fully logged out and when through control panel to download it from share company file!
again it says: "Could not copy file to shared folder - most likely the file is being used by another process, please make sure you close the file from ReckonAccounts Hosted and try again! "
beside dealing with super super super SLOW account hosted system that once you click on something you should wait around 10 sec to see the reaction now I cant even download the company file!!! well yeah there's another option to pay $$$$$ to my accountant to download the file for me.
I never been disappointed in anything like the way Im right now on this system. 
called the support had to wait nearly 2 hrs on the phone and finally the guy who clearly sitting home (most probably kitchen) was asking me questions that nowadays I dont even ask my grandparents! like about my internet browser and internet speed! 
at the end gave me a ref # to follow up with someone else!
called back few hours later waited over an hour on the phone and had to hung up.


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    What is the process you're going through to download the file?
    It sounds like you're trying to download the company file while its actively open. Close your file by File > Close Company and then download the QBW file through the floating toolbar. Do NOT logout or exit the service in full.
    I just tested this and it worked fine however if I attempted to download the file while its open I was presented with a similar prompt as you alluded to. This is normal and not an issue.

    Also, can you confirm which phone number you've been calling for support? There haven't been any wait times anywhere close to one hour so I'd be interested to know where you're calling.
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