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Downloaded Transactions Tab

Andrew LittleAndrew Little Member Posts: 3
edited March 2019 in Accounts Personal Range
I am using Reckon Personal Plus 2016. Previously when I imported a QIF bank statement, the transactions would come up in the Downloaded Transactions Tab & I would then accept the. The memorised categories would also be applied. However, for some reason the down loaded transactions do not appear in the Tab, but go straight into the register without any memorised categories being applied. I cannot find any reference to be able to turn the Downloaded Transactions Tab on & off, or turning  applying memorized categories on or off. Please tell me how to have the transactions appear in the Tab & memorised categories being applied.


  • Andrew LittleAndrew Little Member Posts: 3
    edited March 2019
    Hi David

    Thanks - the issue I have is that for one account the QIF file imports correctly & is shown in the downloaded transactions window & I then press "Accept All" & they are then loaded to the register.  The memorised category is also applied to these transactions & it all works as it should.

    With the other account, when the QIF file is imported, all transactions are directly imported to the register & no memorised categories are applied.

    I have looked at the structure of both QIF files & they are identical, with the exception of the account names.

    I have also compared the register preferences for both accounts & they are ticked identically (which I assume they would be as they must apply to all accounts?).

    Beyond this, I am at a loss on how to fix this issue, other than export all the account transactions to excel, delete the account, re-establish it again in Reckon Personal Plus, convert the excel file to QIF (using ImportQIF) & then import all the transactions again & see if this fixes the issue.
  • Andrew LittleAndrew Little Member Posts: 3
    edited March 2019
    Thanks David - you were perfectly correct.  I did not understand the different way Reckon treats a "cash" account compared to a "savings" account.  I had assumed that they were treated the same way.
    Mind you Reckon certainly don't help by only providing the briefest of details in their online guide.  I am an engineer, not an accountant.
    Anyway I exported the transactions in the Cash account to excel, converted them to QIF using ImportQIF & then imported them back in to a savings account & when I import QIF transactions they appear in the Download Transaction widow.  When I accept them, the memorized payees is then applied.  Hence all works well.  I assume that a cash account is purely for entering manual cash trans actions?
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