Personal Plus 2019 report printing errors

Fiona_9970257 Member Posts: 3

Hi there

I am using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2019 (I recently upgrade from Accounts Personal Plus 2016).  There is an issue in that when I create a report, I am unable to print it – I get the following error message: “Unable to verify the active printer at the system level.  Please verify the printer I turned on…….” .  A screen shot of this complete message is below.


Previously I have been able to print reports from Reckon and nothing has changed in my computer set up, so I am unclear why this error has suddenly appeared.

This same error occurs if I select File>Printer Set Up>For Reports/Graphs.

However if I select: File>Printer Set Up>For Printing Cheques – the application can finds the printer and provides printer options as well as the option to print to PDF.  Also if I try to print a cheque, (i.e File>Print Cheques) I am able to successfully print – indicating the application can find and access the printer.

This report printing error occurred spontaneously while using Accounts Personal Plus 2016 (as stated above, I have previously been able to print reports without an issue).  It was at this point that I decided to upgrade to Accounts Personal Plus 2019, however even with the new software the error has continued.

To confirm:

-        My operating systems is Windows 10 / 64 bit

-        I am an administrator on my computer and logged in as such

-        My Reckon data file is stored in the same location on my computer as it always has been and this is on the C Drive (i.e. in a folder specific to my user name).

Please advise how to rectify this issue – I look forward to your response.