How to restore Data File to Personal Plus in MacBook Pro

Murray Talman
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Hi Teck Team.
 I have recently move my Quicken Personal Plus 2019 from a PC to an Apple MacBook Pro. The Data file and the Backup file are both on the Mac Desktop. When I open the program, I have to manually find the Data File on the Desktop and open it to use the program. I was told that if I want the program to open automatically, I would have to restore the data and then the program would always look at it. Unfortunately, when I looked under File in the program it only shows "Restore Backup Files". I would like to restore the main data file and leave the Backup purely as a Backup.
How do I do this?
Thanks for your help. Murray


  • Murray Talman
    Murray Talman Member Posts: 2
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    It is not a Mac version. I am using it on Windows with Parallels to operate on the MacBook