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DiDi Member Posts: 7
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Hi :-)  Reckon Hosted won't let me resize columns.  Is there a way I can achieve this?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,109 Administrator
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    Hi Di,
    Are you using a touchscreen device by any chance? eg. Microsoft Surface
    There's a bit of info here relating to resizing columns etc on touchscreen devices -
    Unable to resize Window or column width on the invoice or other templates and on reports window

    Alternatively, this might sound a bit silly but move your mouse a little to the top right of the column you want to resize and your mouse should change to indicate your able to resize it.
    For example, if I'm resizing the phone number column I move the mouse slightly to the top right of the 'diamond' symbol.

  • Preece MitchellPreece Mitchell Member Posts: 21
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    I've tried this too Rav and it doesn't let me resize, very annoying.
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