How do I set up giving a bulk amount of personal leave to employees?

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We recently rolled over about 30 employees to permanent from casual.  As per their award they are given personal leave as an upfront entitlement instead of accruing.  How do I set this up properly because currently when they actually take a  day of personal leave, it isn't showing in their leave screen as hours used, but it will come off the balance.  
I have been doing the following

Hours available   -                        105
Hours used this year -                  0.00
Accrual period -                            Beginning of year
Hours accrued at beginning of year -105
Maximum number of hours           (left blank)

Reset hours each new year -       box unticked
 Year Begins on                            February
Day                                               1
Begin accruing time on                 01/02/2019
Leave Liability                                box unticked

We are using Reckon Accounts Premier 2018 - accountants edition


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    Hi Jocelyn

    Leave liability box you said is unticked this need to be ticked to be included in the leave liab. field on the paycheque.

    Also be careful you have ticked "reset hours each year" with this ticked you will whipe any leave left over from last year and reset it back to 105 for the coming year.

    If leave accrues from one year to the next, untick this box.
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    Thank you!  I shall try ticking the leave liability box for the personal leave and see if that helps.