SAFF file error with SMSF

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I've been trying to export an SAFF file into QuickSuper (Australian Super's clearing house) and it works for most of the payroll company files but for the one with employees contributing to SMSFs it keeps throwing an error saying the fund details are not entered correctly. 

I've tried entering the fund scheme (as listed in QuickSuper) into the ESA field, the ABN, the ESA service provider, the ESA email address but none of these seem to get it working. How exactly should this be filled out?


  • Adrian
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    Hello Ben

    Check this article, is the super item linked to the correct Super Supplier with details completed?

  • Ben
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    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the assistance. I've set up the super supplier as per the page linked. Unfortunately I'm now receiving a different error -  No registered fund with ABN '[abn here]' and ESA '[esa email address here]'.

    I've reviewed the details entered in Reckon and in QuickSuper and they definitely match up. The fund in question is a SMSF. 

    Is there anything else I can try to resolve the issue?
  • Kate McArthur
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    Hi Ben,

    Did you find the solution to the second error your getting? I'm currently getting the same error and haven't figured out how to correct the SAFF file to upload correctly.